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ICCS WPS 04 Gilles Deleuze’s Oral Philosophy: Lectures on Deleuze’s Alphabet Book (Abécédaire)

Author/Speaker|Alain Brossat

Publication Date|2019-01


In the years following 1968, the Experimental University Center of Vincennes was the heart of an intense pedagogical experimentation. Gilles Deleuze was one of the most brilliant and creative promoters of this experimentation in the department of philosophy of Vincennes, making the practice of oral philosophy a risky and paradoxical art, far beyond the common techniques and receipts of academic teaching. 

Most of the courses he taught during his years in Vincennes have been filmed and recorded, so this documentation enables us to think about the special brand of post-academic philosophy he invented then — a new philosophical style made of the strange combination of anarchic impulses and of a strong charismatic presence.

Besides, a few years before he passed away, Deleuze agreed to Claire Parnet’s proposal to film conversations divided into articles “from A to Z” — this was the Alphabet Book, which is now available on DVD with English subtitles, a perfect supplement to Deleuze’s oral philosophy. 

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