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[更新] 2022六燃文件展:移動的六燃


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2022六燃文件展:移動的六燃 宣傳片


ICCS WPS 01 From Societies of Control to the Political Economy of Protocol: Modulation and Dividualization as Algorithmic Regulatory Processes

Author/Speaker|Allen Chun and Jia-lu Cheng

Publication Date|2018-12


The essay begins with an exploration of Deleuze’s notion of society of control and its relevance to the regulation of digital media. Needless to say, there are many approaches to network society and its cognate notions, just as there are overlapping aspects of internet per se that are attributable to both its open and closed nature. Deleuze’s note on societies of control was at first an extension to Foucault’s discussion of disciplinary societies, but in the later emergence of internet and other technologies it can be seen to shed salient light on the regulative nature of protocol that serves a seminal role in maintaining the ongoing appearance and functioning of “smooth societies.” To what extent is internet the product of the above?

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