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ICCS 35 Order of discourse...

Author/Speaker|Alain Brossat

Publication Date|2020-11


ICCS 35 Order of discourse...

This article stages a comparison between two famous books — LTI — The Language of the Third Reich by Victor Klemperer and The Order of Discourses by Michel Foucault. In the former, Klemperer, a Jewish philologist who survived the Nazi regime in the most distressing and perilous conditions, Klemperer meticulously describes the transformation of German language into a propagandistic tool. He observes how violence can be done to a language by a totalitarian regime. In the latter, Foucault reflects on the relationship between discourse, power and the manufacturing of statements. In spite of their distinctly different perspectives, these two essays intersect in many ways — this is what this article intends to suggest.

Keywords: language, discourse, power, violence, statements, Nazis, Nazism  

Author's Bio:
Alain Brossat is the Yushan Scholar and Visiting Researcher at Institute of Social Research and Cultural Studies, National Chiao Tung University.

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