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2021/10/11|治理性與新自由主義在中國的「紀律性」Governmentality and the Neo-liberal “Order” in China


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Postponement Announcement for « The island –insularity, archipelagos – a geophilosophical issue »


Dear colleagues,

Many thanks for your proposal and your interest in the 2020 Summer University «The island – insularity, archipelagos – a geophilosophical issue». Unfortunately, we have to communicate that given the international and local situation in Greece due to the coronavirus, we cannot do anything else but to wait and follow the development of the epidemic. It does not mean that we forget neither you nor this Summer University, but that we have to closely follow the public security and sanitary measures enacted by the different governments in the following weeks and months. Like many other activities in all spheres of life, the Summer University will most probably also be postponed to somewhere between end of summer 2020 and July 2021. 

We will be in touch with all of you as soon as possible, hoping that after this setback we come back stronger and even with more interest in participating on a topic (international isolation and most of us being forced to become isolated islands in a way) that we believe is today more relevant than ever.

Very much looking forward to share good news and meeting with you in Rhodes soon!

The Summer University organizing team:

Elena Theodoropoulou (Laboratory of Research on Practical Philosophy (L.R.P.Ph.), University of the Aegean, Greece), Alain Brossat and Joyce C. Liu (International Graduate Program in Inter-Asia Cultural Studies – International Institute for Cultural Studies, University System of Taiwan (IICS-UST)), Orgest Azizaj (Association Ici et Ailleurs pour une philosophie nomade, France), Erinç Aslanboga (Department of Philosophy, Galatasaray University, Turkey).

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權宜船漏洞多 外籍漁工控訴:常遭船長毆打、日做16小時