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2020-12-28 - 2021-01-07

Inter-Asia Cultural Studies lecture series 2020 Fall

每週二(tue.) 1000-1300
交通大學人社二館 HA Building 106A,NCTU

11/24  如何進行亞際社會的社會運動與地方研究連帶?How to conduct social movement and local networking in the Inter-Asian context?

1. 【民主圍城: 21世紀台灣的社會運動與都市政治】Democracy under Siege : Social Movements and Urban Politics in 21st Century Taiwan 

莊雅仲 Ya-Chung Chuang  (Ethnography and Culture, NCTU)

2. 【從媒體危機到知行危機: 台灣媒體亂象、媒改運動與傳播研究的反思】From media crisis to intellectual crisis: A reflection on the media disorder, media reform movement and the communication studies in Taiwan

魏玓 Wei Ti (Dept. of Communication & Technology, NCTU)

12/1  如何探索亞際社會出發的電影研究?How to explore the cinematic studies in the Inter-Asian societies?

1. 【後九七香港電影:美學與政治】Post-1997 Hong Kong Cinema Aesthetics and Polictics

勞維俊 Louis Lo  (Graduate Institute for studies in Visual Culture, NYMU)

2. 【電影與媒體研究的基礎建設轉向】The Infrastructural Turn in Film and Media Studies 

楊子樵 Lawrence Yang  (Institute for Social Research and Cultural Studies, NCTU)

12/8  如何思考亞際社會女性主義的社會工程想像?How to envision the feminist social engineering imaginaries? 

1. 【《天義》與《她鄉》:女性主義的社會工程想像】"Natural Justice" and "Herland" - feminist social engineering imaginaries

丁乃非 Naifei (Fifi) Ding.  (Dept. of English, NCU)

12/15  如何理解台灣、中國及其外的記憶政治?How to understand the politics of memory in Taiwan, China and Beyond?

1. 【國族模型與移民再現:不同國家移民博物館的社群建構指向】National Model and Representation of Migration: The Orientation of Community Reconstruction Manifested by Migration Museums in Different Countries

陳瑞樺 Chen, Jui-Hua  (Institue of Sociology, NTHU)

2. 【歷史現場?常民保存與修復地方】History on Site?: Vernacular Preservation and Fixing Urban Places in Kaohsiung

許瀞文 Hsu, Ching-Wen(Dept. Of Anthropology, NTHU)

12/22  年輕學者亞際文化研究計畫五人小組論壇. Young Scholars Forum on the Research Projects of Inter-Asian Cultural Studies

1. 【Mind the Gap: Doing Postcolonial Studies of East and Southeast Asia】

岑學敏/亞際學程專任教師 Desmond Sham/ IACS faculty. 

2. 【1970年代的亞際視野:以台菲參照為例】The 1970s Inter-Asia Perspective: From Taiwan to the Philippines 

唐慧宇/文化研究國際中心博士後研究員 Hui-Yu Tang/ICCS Post-Doctoral Fellow.

3. 【"The Cold War Globalisation and its (dis)contents: Rethinking the Post-war Taiwanese Modern Theatre."    】

陳克倫/文化研究國際中心博士後研究員 Ko-Lun Chen/ICCS Post-Doctoral Fellow

4. 【The politicizing roles and the religious 'ambiguity' of (irregular) migrants in Asian Democracies. 】  

浦南/文化研究國際中心博士後研究員 Poonam Sharma//ICCS Post-Doctoral Fellow. 

5. 【From Transcultural Modernity to Cold War Modernity: Homosexual Literature as an Example】

蔡孟哲/亞際學程專任教師 Ray Tsai/ IACS faculty. 

更多資訊:iccs.nctu.edu.tw / iics.nctu.edu.tw / facebook.com/IACSUST

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