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[Update] The Sixth Fuel Documenta 2022:The Sixth Fuel Factory in Motion


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Des peuples et des films: cinématographie(s), philosophie, politique


Desmond Hok-Man Sham

NYCU(Chiao Tung Campus)

International Master's Program in Inter-Asia Cultural Studies Assistant Professor Assistant Professor(2020/8/1-2021/7/31)



My current research project is titled “The History Problem, Quarantine, Politics of Memory and Heritage-Making, and the Road Towards Reconciliation in Asia: Perspectives from the Peripheries of Empires”. Developed from my ongoing concern of the politics of memory and cultural heritage, I am going to explore: (1) How World War II and the Cold War conflicts have been memorized, narrated, and represented, and how such “history problem” shapes and affects the current understanding of the past and present of local societies and inter-Asia relations; (2) How the experience of quarantine has been memorized, narrated, and represented; and how former spaces of quarantine have been reused; and (3) How memory-scapes (including difficult heritage and
museums) will be possible to be used for a more cosmopolitan form of commemoration and to bring dialogues and reconciliation in the local, national, and the inter-Asia levels.

Students working on postcolonial studies, cultural heritage, cultural economy, cultural memory, and urban studies are more than welcome to discuss their projects with me. I am also looking forward to collaboration on related projects in inter-Asia connection, as well as the politics and economies of cultural heritage in the inter-Asia context.