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青春的祝福 《蝸牛在荊棘上——路翎及其作品研究》新書座談會


Sugar Island: The History of Taiwan Sugar Industry During the Early Years of Japanese Rule, 1895-1911

Publication Date|2019-03-00

Authors|Shaw-Herng Huang

Press|National Chiao Tung University Press



From the context in Capitalism to Contemporary Sugar Industry in Taiwan

Due to the Geographical Discovery of the 15th century, sugar has become a world commodity, profoundly affecting the contemporary history around the world. Taiwan has also entered the stage of world history because of sugar. Its importance has not lasted until the 1960s. Before the end of the Second World War, Taiwan was the foundation in modern sugar industry in Japan. 

This book discusses the establishment of Taiwan's modern sugar industry in the early days of the Japanese occupation, covering the commencement Adequate Regulation of Taiwan's sugar industry from the Dutch East India Company to the initial development in the 1860s. It then explains the Required Regulation of the sugar import trade deficit caused by the opening by Japan which was transformed into the Post Sino-Japanese War development of Taiwan's modern sugar industry.  

Although there were equipped with mature mechanical techniques in sugar industry in Taiwan in the early days of Japan-Ruling Era, it was still difficult to control the localsmall-scale farming economy that has taken root and grown in Taiwan for more than200 years. However, the Sugar Club has relied on the sugar policy of the Governor's Office of Taiwan, which has achieved considerable success in the acquisition of rawmaterials through those policies. However, these policies have also become the bottleneck for the development of sugar companies, making the Taiwanese sugar industry in the Japanese occupation period unable to operate independently in the country.

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讀冊  https://www.taaze.tw/goods/11100872051.html

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