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One Divides into Two: Philosophical Archeology of Modern Chinese Political Thought


Rebjian Thought Review 20


Table of Contents

【Postwar Leftist Oral History Series (11): Yingzhen Chen as Clue】
001 “We could not ask others but ourselves for liberation”: Interview with Yixiong Wang 
Interview by Li-yun Lin and Jui-Hua Chen / Edited by Jia Guo and Yi-ting Lu

002 Youth of My Life: Notes on Yixiong Wang
Li-yun Lin

【Special Section: Marxism in East Asia】
003 Editor’s Notes
Editorial Office

004 Dissemination and Development of “Socialism” in Japan
Hideaki Ota

005 Hotsumi Ozaki’s Discussion on East Asia on the Eve of the Second Sino-Japanese War (October 1934-June 1937)
Li Wang

006 Legacy and Development of Senior Taiwanese Communists and Taiwan Province Mission Committee in the Postwar Labor Organizations and Movements: 1945-1950   
Po-Chien Chen

007 Taiwan Relations Act, US-Taiwan Arm Sales, and Capitalist Relation of Production: New Mode of Governance and Commercialization of Neo-colonialism
Chin-Tarn Lee

【Visual Essay】
008 Roaming around and Jottings about the River City
Xiao-ying Zeng

009 Meeting the Gaze of Wuhan
Xiao-ying Zeng

010 Alternative Indie Music of Yang Tsu-chuen: Confronting Cold War / Division / Martial-law Society with Singing and Action   
Ya-fang Liu

【Contemporary History】
011 News Study Club and I: Tamkang University in the 1970s(Part II)   
Shao-rui Lung

012 Authors
013 Renjian Thought Call for Papers
014 Renjian Thought New Releases
015 Copyright Page


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