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One Divides into Two: Philosophical Archeology of Modern Chinese Political Thought


Age of Anxiety: Malaysian Film Festival in Taiwan

2019-04-28 - 2019-04-28

Malaysian Film Festival in Taiwan Lecture Series (6)
Screening and Director’s Talk on Year Without a Summer : Tan Chui Mui

Time:28th Apr (Sun), 6:30pm-9:30pm
Venue:Film Studies Center Theater, 3rd Floor, HA Building 2, National Chiao Tung University
Moderator:Earl Jackson
*Lecture in English
Year Without a Summer
Tan Chui Mui / 2010/ 87 mins/ Malay/ English and Chinese Subtitles
Azam comes back to his village, to look for his childhood best friend, Ali. Ali and his wife Minah are overjoyed to meet this long lost friend, who had left the village thirty years ago. They had been following Azam’s news since he became a famous singer, although now Azam is over his peak. Ali and Minah invite Azam to their house. At night, Ali asks Azam to out fishing at the sea. They visit the Pulau Ular island. The whole night, the three of them talk about love, marriage, village folklore, mystic creatures, and the wild boar hunting once upon a time. As the night is ending, Minah demonstrates that she could hold her breath underwater for 3 minutes. Azam tries to do the same, but he never appears again…
Director’s Bio:
Tan Chui Mui is an independent filmmaker at the forefront of the Malaysian New Wave. The language of her films is calm, steady, and yet highly affective; her films often focus on cross-cultural issues as well as humanistic interactions. She has made numerous short films known for their respective unique styles. In 2004, she set up Da Huang Pictures with Amir Muhammad, James Lee and Liew Seng Tat. Her debut feature, Love Conquers All (2016), won the New Current Award at the Busan International Film Festival and the Tiger Award at the International Film Festival Rotterdam. Her second feature film Year Without a Summer was released in 2011.

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