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One Divides into Two: Philosophical Archeology of Modern Chinese Political Thought


Crash-Dummies, Autonomous Weapons, and Capital’s Native Language: In Praise of Rebellious Translation


Topic :Crash-Dummies, Autonomous Weapons, and Capital’s Native Language:  In Praise of Rebellious Translation

Date:2018/12/28 15:00-18:00
Venue: Room 106A, HA Building 2, Guangfu Campus, NCTU 
*The talk will be conducted in English. 

Speaker:Jon Solomon

Jon Solomon is a professor in the Department of Chinese at the University of Lyon (Lyon 3). His areas of specialization include the critique of area, the biopolitics of translation, and the representation of cultural difference.

Lecture abstract:
At a moment when there is widespread fear of the dissolution of history and humanist values, a new form of Yellow Peril discourse has appeared. Taking English Prime Minister Theresa May's reference to machine translation as a point of departure, this talk will examine the changes to the notion of native language and their relation to the dystopian scenario of robots both replacing Chinese labor and waging a drone war against its rage. 

經費來源: 高等教育深耕計畫─特色領域研究中心計畫:「衝突、正義、解殖:亞際社會批判研究」 
主辦單位: 國立交通大學/台聯大系統文化研究國際中心、交通大學社會與文化研究所、亞際文化研究國際碩士學位學程(台灣聯合大學系統)


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