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【The 20th Annual International Conference of Cultural Studies Association Speech Series 2】梶谷真司 Shinji Kajitani


Speaker : 梶谷真司 (Shinji Kajitani)
Professor of Philosophy and Intercultural Studies, University

Professor Kajitani was born in 1966. He currently works in Graduate School of Arts and Sciences in University of Tokyo as full professor and has been the director of University of Tokyo Center of Philosophy(UTCP) since 2018. Research interests: Philosophy, comparative cultural studies and history of medicine. Recently published: Fundamental Problems of Phenomenology of Hermann Schmitz: Thought from the Body and Emotion (2002), and What is Thinking? Introduction to Philosophy from 0 to 100 Years Old (2018).

Topic:Design as Theory and Practice for Social Inclusion
Venue:HC Building III Room105, NCTU
*English speech, Mandarin simultaneous translation provided.
Speech Abstract
Today, diversity is discussed everywhere. There seem to be two background influences for this. (1) Globalization has increased the opportunities for encounter and conflict among people from different areas of the world. (2) Democracy makes us more conscious about human rights and discrimination against various groups of people within a society such as the poor, disabled, less educated, or somehow disadvantaged. 
Recently, the notion of “social inclusion” is receiving more and more attention. This is the concept and practice, system and institution, which address the problem of social exclusion of people who are disadvantaged in terms of their gender, race, ethnicity, religion, nationality, generation, sexual orientation, disability, education, language, job, economic or social status. At the same time, in the field of design, there is a trend which is closely related with social inclusion, as is literally seen in the phrase “inclusive design”. That is, how can design contribute to expanding social inclusion? What is its theoretical basis for this mission? How can design put it into practice? This presentation will be concerned with design as an activity which contains both theory and practice for social inclusion.


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